Auto Sorting Solution »

One-stop recycling bin powered by computer vision and robotics

1. Collection

With our vast network of smart recycling bins, recyclables are collected and sorted at disposal source

2. Sorting

Sensors and computer vision algorithms identify the types of recyclable, instructing the robotic mechanism to sort the item

3. Reporting

Data of recycled wastes will be recorded for analyzing facility management and sustainability performance

4. Rewards

Users and customers can understand their waste footprint via GrinBean’s app or your own digital loyalty program to redeem rewards

Waste Audit Solution »

Discover opportunities and get actionable data to align waste management plan with your sustainability goals

1. Implementation

Smart waste management plan is customized to install data collection sensors and optimize your sustainability performance

2. Data Collection

Data collected at each waste collection point will be consolidated for you to take immediate actions. The conditions of the bins will be monitored real time

3. Reporting

Reports can be generated in compliance with the waste audit or sustainability disclosure frameworks, such as GRI and ISO standards

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