Why Grinbean

GrinBean is a Hong Kong-based science and engineering team formed by recent graduates and students from the University of Hong Kong. We work on technological solutions to enhance the recycling and recovery of materials, to close and slow the loops.
We believe that our next-generation deserves the same rights as we have today to enjoy the beautiful nature.

Why AI

Unlike revert vending machine, computer vision powered by artificial intelligence can identify all kinds of recyclables with simple training.

Why B2B?

We believe by empowering the enterprise with new recycling technologies, we are able to raise the recycle rate by 20% in 2 years

Our Core Team

Tom Leung
Business Lead
Archie Loong
Software Lead
James Lam
Hardware Lead
Desmond Wong
Mechatronics Engineer

Let's get to work

Join us and make the world more sustainable

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